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Casting Parts


We are an experienced overseas supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous castings. We make orders according to the customer’s requests. We have a CNC machine that is capable of making parts that require precision, and we can stock parts in our warehouse located in Cleveland, Ohio, for on-time delivery.

 Die Casting
 Investment Casting
 Sand Casting
 Permanent Mold Casting
 Squeeze Casting

Hitch Part

Forging is used in critical applications where strength, reliability, and safety are the primary consideration.

Die Casting Part

Die Casting
We can produce a variety of die casting parts. The materials Engross most commonly uses are zinc and aluminum. Other material options are also available. This is only limited to non-ferrous metals. This process is exceptionally fast and very accurate.

Person Making Casting

Investment Casting
Any metal that can be melted can use this process. More suitable for high temperature metals or metals difficult to fabricate by other methods. This process allows for exceptional details and features difficult to machine. It is, however, only restricted to small and light objects.

Sand Casting Process Sand Casting
Any metal that can be melted can be sand casted. Metals include cast iron, steel, brass, bronze, and aluminum alloys. This process is economical and isotropic. There is unlimited freedom and possible shapes. Weight of casting can range from a few ounces to a few hundred pounds.


Small PartsPressworking
Engross provides a wide range of pressworking methods. A very wide variety of metals and plastics can be used. The only restriction is that the material cannot be too brittle or thick. We can stamp, bend, or cut any material to your blueprint dimensions.

Coating the Surfaces of PartsSurface Coating
We provide a wide range of material finishes. Finishes are usually done to improve the appearance, increase corrosion resistance, or increase the strength of the material. Some materials may not need any coating at all.

Machine Polishing Parts



Garage Door PartsGarage Door Components
We have factories in China that specialize in garage door components. We have shipped parts all over the world, including to Australia, Europe, and Central America. We make parts according to your needs.

 Pulley Plate
 Sheave Strap


If you have an assortment of parts that you would like to be assembled, Engross can help you save money. Why go through all the trouble when Engross is here to help? Have everything made, assembled, and shipped to you at a discounted price. Contact us now to start saving.